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Who We Are


In 1863, Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church was organized under a bush arbor in upper Wake County, North Carolina. Rev. Lewis Holding served as the first pastor.

Some years later, members constructed a log cabin and completed the process under the leadership of Rev. Will Wyche, uncle of an early member, Luettia Thorpe Philpot.

In the year of 1891, under the leadership of Rev. W D Smith, a frame church was built. It was used as a sanctuary until 1979.

While under the leadership of Rev. A B Wyche, a resolution was passed on August 10, 1895 at Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church establishing the East Cedar Grove Association.

Later, Rev. Daniel Jones served as pastor until 1916. Since 1916, the following have served as pastor of Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church: Rev. P E Green, Rev. Pierce, Rev. Chavis, Rev. Daye, Rev. Mosby, Rev. O A Hester, Rev. Ashe, Rev. J E Thorpe, Rev. B V Alston, Rev. J Williams, Rev. Dempsey, Rev. W B Johnson and Rev. Nathaniel R. Fuller – 2000 – 2012.  In May of 2014 a new Pastor was name – Reverend Marcellus Tyrone Moore was installed as the current Pastor of Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church.

Some of the earlier Deacons were Dec. B Morgan, Dec. P P Eaton, Dec. H Amey, Dec. L Thorpe, Dec. R Eaton, and Dec. John Landis.

In later years, Dec. O Thorpe, Dec. J Landis Sr., Dec. James Walker, Dec. D Wyche, Dec. Charlie Harris, Dec. L Jones, and Dec. Samuel Philpot served as Deacons.

Ministers who are products of Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church are as follows: Rev. N.A. Trice, Rev. J.E. Thorpe, Rev. H.D. Eaton, Rev. P. Eaton, Rev. P. H. Amey, Rev. J.H. Landis Sr., Rev. Wade Mangum, Rev. R. Harris, Rev. D. Alston, Rev. Rudolph Daniel, Rev. Samuel Barnes, Rev. Belinda Barnes, Rev. C. Johnson and Reverend Marcellus T Moore.

The construction of the fall of the Neuse Reservoir by the federal government in the late seventies forced Ledge Rock to seek an alternative site. The members were unable to choose favorable site resulting in the formation of two congregations. Ledge Rock chose a site in Wake County and First Ledge Rock chose a site in Durham County.

In 1979, under the leadership of Rev. B.V. Alston, officials and members of the Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church moved into their new church edifice at 4300 Durham Road in Wake County.

Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church has come a long ways in 2014.   The Church believes in waiting on the Lord, praying, fasting and working together.   In March, 2014 we as a congregation had the opportunity to take a train ride from Durham, NC to Greensboro, NC to tour the International Civil Rights Center & Museum with bag lunches.   On May 18, 2014 we installed our current Pastor Marcellus T Moore to be named the new Pastor of Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church.  Under the leadership of Pastor Moore, during the month of July 2014 it was a desire to enlarge our kitchen with the grace of God – faithful members we now have a beautiful kitchen that we all enjoy.  In August 2014 Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church Youth Ministry took the youths to Carowinds in Charlotte.  We as a congregation want to teach our youth to become fruitful while also praising God in all things.  During this year -2014 we have even had an opportunity to enhance our landscape with the replacement of our roof, touching and agreeing.    The Lord has been great to us and have added 7 new members to the Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church Congregation.  

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, under Pastor Marcellus Moore’s leadership the church is growing spiritually and held its 2nd Church by the Lake Service.  God has been our shield and strength, Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church continues to bless us with many church activities and programs.   This year we had our 2nd Back to School program, where we gave our children a jump start with school supplies.   We believe in training, encouraging and rewarding the children, they enjoyed their 2nd Youth Trip.  As our church continues to expand spiritual we celebrate our 12th Senior Dinner Program that reaches out to the community.    

With our Lord and Savior using our Shepard guiding the congregation, our church membership continues to multiply and prosper.   We added 11 new members, had one Baby Christen and an Initial Sermon given.  Throughout the past two years we did “Great and Mighty Things.”  Through financial proficiency we succeeded in paying the church mortgage off on September 29, 2015.  

Reverend Marcellus Moore continues his spiritual journey through his dynamic sermons, with the aid and guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God has continued to bless our congregation.  

Presently, the officers consist of Dec. Tyrone Moore, Chairman of Deacon Board, Dec. John H. Landis Jr., Dec. Ben Blount, and Dec. Otis Holder.

Ywanda Broadway, Treasurer, and Jeanetta Moore, Financial Secretary. 

Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church continues to Thank God for his many blessings.

Happy 153rd Anniversary Ledge Rock Missionary Baptist Church